DT1650FM Pallet wrapping machine with slot

DT1650M Pallet-wrapper with a slot turntable in order to enable direct loading with manual or electric jacks, so there is no need either for floor modifications or for a ramp. Therefore, that would save much effort and improve efficiency.
Top plate is optional and specially designed for holding an unstable product.

Technology data:



Wrap size(L X W)

(500-1200)mm X (500-1200)mm

Wrap height(max)   

L type:1800mm  H type:2400mm  Y type:2800mm     

Wrap efficiency

20-40 Pallets/Hour

Turntable speed     

0-12rpm Adjustable turntable speed

Turntable diameter   


Turntable height 


Turntable weight capacity(max)


Film carriage

Power pre-stretch system up to 350% with adjustable speed

Lift system

Double chain structure, lift speed adjustable

Control system 

PLC control, wrap layers adjustable, Turntable re-position automatically, photo-eyes auto-height sensing

Total weight(max)


Machine size

2745mm X 1650mm X (2270-2870)mm


Turntable:0.75kw  Film carriage:0.35kw  Lift system: 0.37kw /AC220V 50HZ

Top plate



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